Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo Design

Koi Fish Tattoo is one of the favorite tattoo designs which are popular for beauty and Good Luck’. Koi Fish belongs to the same family as Carp and is often mistaken for large goldfish. Koi fish are known for their strength, vitality and perseverance. This design represents Zen and symbolizes Good Luck’.

Though the Koi fish mysterious mythology and symbolism apply to all cultures but the Japanese people probably have the longest history with the koi fish. There is an ancient Japanese legend that if a koi swims all the way up the Yellow River to a point called Dragon Gate, and swims up the waterfall at that point, it will turn into a Dragon which shows the measure of perseverance and triumph over adversity that it possess. And with the belief that Koi fish tattoo on their body will lead them toward greater fulfillment and happiness many people prefer to get this tattoo inked on their body.

There are some significant factors that you need to consider including the tattoo color, its location on your body and of course any complimentary inclusions. Koi Fish tattoo are now very popular among men and women. Always remember that Koi Fish tattoo needs a place of honor on your body. Men generally get them on their shoulders or calf and women like to get them as a lower back tattoo. Next factor that should be consider is that if you are an employee then get your tattoo on those parts of your body where it can be camouflage with clothing and if you are free to show off your lucky Japanese Koi fish tattoo design then your back, your forearms, around the side of your neck or around your ankle are the places commonly liked by the people to place their Koi Fish tattoo.

Rearview Cameras Increase Safety And Convenience

How many times have you been backing up your large vehicle or SUV and wished that you could have a better view of what was behind you? Even smaller vehicles can have significant blind spots that make it difficult for drivers to see when in reverse. Adding a rearview or back-up camera to your vehicle can drastically increase your rear vision when backing up and parking.

A rearview camera is a special camera that is mounted to the rear of a vehicle, usually above the license plate. When installed, the camera is typically pointed slightly downward, allowing drivers to have a clearer view of what is on the ground behind them. The dash-mounted monitor permits drivers to easily view the camera transmission.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) have recently proposed a new vehicle safety regulation that would require all new cars and trucks to have rearview cameras by the year 2014. Proponents of this regulation believe that rearview cameras will help prevent adults and children from being hurt or killed in backup accidents.

Japanese Dragon Tattoo Meanings

The Japanese dragon is one of the most popular mythological creatures picked for inking and a classic choice for a tattoo design. It is usually depicted as a wingless, heavily-scaled snake-like creature with small clawed legs and a horned or antlered camel head, and is associated with sea, clouds or the heavens. Japanese dragons tend to be much more slender and fly less frequently than the Chinese counterparts. The breath of the Japanese Dragon changes into clouds from which come either rain or fire. It is able to expand or contract its body, and in addition it has the power of transformation and invisibility. This is merely a general description and does not apply to all Japanese dragons, some of which have heads of so extraordinary a kind that they cannot be compared with anything in the animal kingdom.

According to most sources, the Japanese dragon is closely related to the Chinese counterparts, with the exception that the Japanese dragon has only three claws, while that of the Celestial Kingdom (China) has five.

Tattoo artists have taken the art of the Japanese dragon to amazing new levels. Whether you want a full back design or a half sleeve design, you will find an incredible gallery of amazing designs to choose from. They can be in color, or black & white. The dragon tattoo may appear with sea wave or clouds or pearls. If the dragon claw holds an enormous magical pearl, which has the power to multiply whatever it touches, the “pearl” symbolized the most precious treasure: Wisdom. Ancient Dragon lore and illustrations have inspired many of us to select a dragon tattoo because that design represents how we feel about ourselves — strength, wisdom and freedom…

Tattoo Designs For Women The 4 Most Amazing Girly Tattoos On The Planet

With the growing popularity of tattoo designs for women there are seemingly endless tattoo ideas for girls to get inspired about. Let’s talk about four different types of popular tattoo designs that a lot of women are selecting for themselves these days.

1. Foot Tattoo Designs for Women

Many women often times enjoy getting tattoos on their feet because the location is fairly discrete. This can be very important if the woman has a job that requires her to appear professional and all times. Beware, many women often indicate that getting tattoos on their feet can be especially painful. You have a lot of design options to choose from, and you are only limited by your imagination.

Advantages of CCTV Cameras

The CCTV cameras that are gaining popularity every passing day are not very well accepted by all. They follow you everywhere; you go shopping, to the hospital, bank, coffee shop, airport, they track you down every moment. However it may disappoint you, CCTV cameras have a number of advantages that make them an important part of the security system today. The CCTV cameras help a great deal in deterring crime in places like railway stations, banks, hospitals and other crowded areas where the eye of the police may not reach. Especially, women feel quite secure due to the presence of these cameras in crowded places. The footages recorded on the CCTVs have proven to be of great help in a few criminal cases too. On replaying these videos, one can clearly see what exactly took place at the scene of crime. For the CCTV surveillance to be successful, it is necessary that perpetrators know of the location of the cameras.

CCTVs create disciplined environment in the work area and catch any sort of undesirable behavior. It is an easy way to resolve issues in between the employees. It also prevents theft in the office. The footages recorded also help at the time of lawsuits and they also monitor any sort of fraudulent activities. They are helpful in monitoring the staff and getting them to work in a desirable manner. Even employee harassment would not go unnoticed in the presence of CCTVs.

Cameras in the school set-up are helpful in picking out the defaulters. These help in controlling activities like smoking, drug use, vandalism, eve teasing and the like. When children know they are constantly being observed, they would avoid any kind of behavior that would result in punishment. The CCTVs are being considered by the government for use in residential societies and colonies to keep a tab on crimes and local crooks that undertake them. People have also started installing CCTVs at the entrance of their homes and other susceptible areas. These are a great support if you are alone at home.